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Running Away


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 If we had known

That running away was just the same

As staying, we would have prayed.

We would have prayed for guidance


But we did not know

And so we packed hurriedly

Grabbed all we could take

Believing that there was not enough time


Thoughts of the ogre left behind

At the bottom of the bed

Filled us with a courage not felt before


But we now know

That wherever we go the ogre follows

Until we slay him.

If only we had known.

~ Marie – 2018






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A Point of View

Image: Courtesy of https://righteffort.wordpress.com

A Point of View

Have I started my journey

Or am I on my way back?

A matter of perspective, maybe?


~mew – 2017

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The Poet’s Story


Take away the sadness

Strip it back completely

Break those chains and

Cast the links asunder


Stand tall as a Cedar tree

And bring the past to life

Yes, it was a time of trouble,

Toil and strife


But look beyond that …


See the golden sunshine light

And those golden memories

Aching to be free, not bound by

Tears and fears of unspoken pain


See that tiny soul

Her dreams dancing on the

Periphery of her life

Watch and wait in wonder


As by the kitchen door she sits

Book open in her hands

While mother cooks

And listens while she reads


Hug those words as

They jump off the page

Taking root in the chambers

of her mind and bind


Themselves into miracles

Of every joyous kind

Those words: dear friends

Faithful for all time


They are the building blocks

Cemented by those joys

Resting on the foundation

Bringing poetry to life.


~ Marie Williams – 2017

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Wise Words from a Jamaican Mother


Wise Words from a Jamaican Mother

Sometimes you jus haffi mek

Some a de tings dem pass you by

A no every ting you hear

You fi mek badda you


Jus gwarn like say you no see

Wha dem a do

Hold you face straight

And no mek nottin trouble you


Cause you know if you fi put

Everyting pan you head

A no mad you ago mad

“Missis, me no mek anyting badda me”


These are wise words from my mum

She was just an ordinary mum

She had no airs and graces

She never went to high places


But she knew all about life

She knew the trouble and the strife

She could tell you a tale

That could make you wail


So you wan fi tek heed

Of what my madda say

She live it, and she know it

A no know she no know


Not because she have a mout

And can talk de talk

And walk de walk

My madda wiser than a lot of folk!

~ Marie Williams (2009)

This is for you ‘Yasmin’.


Verse 1

Sometimes you just have to overlook things.  Don’t let everything you  see/hear bother you.

Verse 2

Don’t appear to look as if you are concerned.  Turn a blind eye and don’t be anxious. “I don’t allow anything to bother me!”

Verse 3

Because if you allow concerns to get the better of you it will send you mad/crazy!

Verse 6

So listen carefully to what my mother says, she knows what she is talking about because she has experienced it.

Verse 7

She doesn’t talk for the sake of talking.  She has wisdom and she knows what she is talking about because she has been there.



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Still Close By


I have not gone
I am close by
In the stars above
You can see my love

I have not gone
I am by your side
In the moon above
You will feel my love

I have not gone
I walk with you
As the world revolves
You will touch my love

I have not gone
I still talk with you
Listen carefully and do not fear
It’s my loving voice you hear

I have not gone
I am near by
Don’t forget
My love will never die

~ Marie Williams 2016